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Fuck bitches, get money yo.

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Contact Information:
Skype: LiveMyShare
Discord: Livvy #3578
Howdy y'all! I'm opening up commissions for the summer, and more importantly I'm opening them up in hopes of raising some money in order to get my cat Petra the surgery she needs. I mostly draw cats on here, but I'm comfortable drawing most other things. If you have a question on whether I can draw something or not, feel free to ask. One thing I know I struggle with is backgrounds, so for the most part I avoid drawing them. Anyways, commissions are open, examples can be found in my gallery.

Prices are listed as points OR US dollars. I prefer USD, as it's easier for me to use towards Petra's needs, but will take points since they can be converted. I take USD payments via PayPal or through Petra's GoFundMe.

Before sending money or points my way, please make sure contact me first.


This includes applications, character design, and character-related accessories.

APPLICATIONS -- $15.00 | 1500 points
  • This includes a full body view, two side views, pelt views, and a color palette.  This could vary depending on what is required on different group application sheets -- ie. some don't require side views or palettes, etc.
tGB || Kyanite || White-Void by Liv-veePKMNSkies || Sade Wild by Liv-veeLilycove High || Sade Arcane by Liv-vee
CHARACTER DESIGN -- $5.00 | 500 points
  • This includes one character design based on preferences the buyer has provided. Basically an "adoptable" design influenced by certain criteria the buyer has for the overall design.
  • This could be any sort of accessory related to a character, such as jewelry, tattoo designs, etc.  Designs can vary depending on preferences provided by the buyer (ie. whether it's a necklace, bracelet, made out of certain material, etc.). A color palette is also included.
Aniu's and Uriel's bracelets by Liv-veeNoiz's collar by Liv-veetGB Request || Annabelle's Pin by Liv-veetGB || Linken's tattoo by Liv-vee


This includes anything related to OCs and fanart.

FULL BODY SKETCH -- $8.00 | 800 points
  • This includes a basic, roughly colored sketch of your character.
tGB || Rose Butt by Liv-vee

HEADSHOT -- $5.00 | 500 points
  • This includes a flat colored, fully lined headshot of your character. Extra characters are an additional $1.00 or 100 points per character.
tGB || Ginger Domination (9) by Liv-veetGB Request || Axel and Karsynn by Liv-veetGB || More Hoomans by Liv-vee
FLAT COLOR -- $10.00 | 1000 points
  • This includes a fully lined, flat colored full body image of your character. Extra characters are $1.00 or 100 points per character. Simple, watercolor styled backgrounds are included.
tGB || I Don't Want Easy, I Want Crazy by Liv-veetGB || Quel Esta by Liv-veetGB || Pin Me Up by Liv-vee

SIMPLE SHADING -- $13.00 | 1300 points
  • This includes a fully lined, colored, and simply shaded image of your character. Extra characters are an additional $2.00 or 200 points per character.  Simple, watercolor styled backgrounds are included.
tGB || Going Somewhere? by Liv-vee
PKMNS || Bad Girls Do It Well by Liv-veetGB Comm. || Cadence by Liv-vee
FULLY COLORED + BACKGROUND -- $18.00 | 1800 points
  • This includes a fully lined, colored, and shaded image of your character with a fully detailed background. Extra characters are an additional $3.00 per character.  The background can be something specified by the buyer, otherwise will be chosen at random by me.
tGB SS 2015 || Jark by Liv-veetGB || I Am the Fire by Liv-veetGB || Dream Walkers by Liv-veePKMNS || Angel with a Shotgun by Liv-vee


I'm no expert at animating, but I can do simple, short little things like blinking icons. These take a little bit of time to get right since I'm still getting used to how animating actually works to look somewhat smooth.

BLINKING ICON -- $7.00 | 700 points
  • This includes a 50x50 pixel icon and the larger animated image used to make the icon from. Animations are limited to blinking, but small facial expressions like a smile can be added.
Aniu blink icon by Liv-vee  tGB || Such Sass (animation)
Yaeger Icon by Liv-vee  Yaeger blink (animation)

SIMPLE ANIMATION -- $7.50 | 750 points
  • This includes a short, simple animation of a scene of your choice. The easiest animations for me to do are something that doesn't require a lot of moving parts or timing to it (like I said, I'm not very experienced with animating, and definitely don't claim to be). I have a few examples throughout my gallery on what simple really means. Extra characters are an additional $1.50 or 150 points per character.
tGB || Sorry Ma (animation) by Liv-veetGB || Goodbye. by Liv-veetGB || Sooka's Relationship Tracker by Liv-vee

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